Timothy Carmody

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Timothy Carmody
Relationship to BSC Claudia's vacation boyfriend
Appears in SS1
Dates Claudia Kishi
Parents Viv and Vernon Carmody
Siblings Alexandra Carmody

Timothy Carmody is one of Claudia Kishi's vacation boyfriends. He and Claudia meet onboard the Ocean Princess in Super Special #1, Baby-sitters on Board!

Timothy has blonde curly hair, dark, wide-set eyes, and long lashes. He likes to write.

Timothy lives in Darien, Connecticut, not far from Stoneybrook. His parents are the singing duo Viv and Vernon Carmody. He has a sister, Alexandra, who befriends Mary Anne Spier.

Before he and Claudia meet, Timothy is Claudia's secret admirer. On their first morning aboard the ship, he sends a note on a napkin, reading "I think you are beautiful", with her orange juice at breakfast at the Flamingo Cay Restaurant. While she explores Nassau later that day, he seems to follow her, as she notices that whenever she turns to take a picture someone seems to be jumping out of the way. He slips another note ("I still think you're beautiful") into her bag, pays her admission to the Seafloor Aquarium, and buys a pair of mother-of-pearl earrings that she had looked at in a store but hadn't been able to afford.

Later, Stacey overhears Timothy paying for Claudia's sundae at the Scooper-Dooper Ice Cream Parlor, but by the time she can tell Claudia, he's left (and Stacey is unable to describe him). Claudia runs out after him and bumps into Tim, who says he saw the admirer running past. He and Claudia become friends and spend time together at Disney World. Meanwhile, her "secret admirer" leaves her a stuffed animal, some barrettes, and another note (saying she is "as beautiful as ever"). On the last night of the trip, his sister Alexandra prods Tim into telling Claudia that he was the secret admirer. After his confession, Timothy kisses Claudia.

Nicky, Vanessa and Mallory Pike, as well as Mary Anne, also see Timothy hiding in a raft and a pile of coiled rope on the Ocean Princess and think that he's a stowaway. Alexandra Carmody says that both her lies and Tim's "spying" are ways of making life as the children of celebrities more interesting.

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