The Mystery at Claudia's House

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The Mystery at Claudia's House
Author Ellen Miles
Series Mystery
Tagline Dawn's house may have a ghost, but Claudia's has a mystery!
Number of Pages 136
Date Published November 1992
Number in Series M6

The Mystery at Claudia's House is the sixth book in the Baby-sitters Club Mystery series.


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  • Janine was just like her mother when she first met a boy

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Something odd is going on at the Kishis'. First Claudia's room is ransacked. Then she discovers some of her things missing. What would someone want with Claudia's old stuff?

Weird things have been happening with Claudia's sister Janine, too. Janine has been getting suspicious packages in the mail, and she even got caught lying to their parents!

Claudia doesn't know what's going on at her house. But things are going to change with the Baby-sitters on the case!

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Preceded by
Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic

The Mystery at Claudia's House Followed by
Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs
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