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The Baby-sitters Club is a 1995 film based on the Baby-sitters Club books. It was directed by Melanie Mayron.



The film begins with Kristy (Schuyler Fisk)'s inspiration for the club to run a day camp over the summer for their charges. As the summer progresses, the camp becomes background to a number of subplots focusing on several of the sitters individually.


Kristy's father Patrick Thomas (Peter Horton) turns up unexpectedly to visit her, but asks that she keep his presence a secret from her friends (except Mary Anne (Rachael Leigh Cook), who witnesses his arrival) and family. As she begins to forget her responsibilities and is repeatedly absent from the camp in order to spend more time with her father, the BSC becomes annoyed and resentful towards her. When they gather towards the end of the movie to celebrate Kristy's thirteenth birthday, she's absent from her own party because she's wandering around an amusement park, looking for her father, who was supposed to meet her there but doesn't. Mary Anne tells the other sitters what Kristy has been going through; they find her walking in the pouring rain and forgive her with a group hug.


Stacey (Bre Blair) meets Rosie Wilder (Vanessa Zima)'s seventeen-year-old European cousin Luca (Christian Oliver) and they begin dating. She lies to him that she's sixteen years old instead of thirteen. When her true age is revealed while trying to enter a nightclub, Luca is extremely angry, but eventually forgives her. He tells her that he'll be returning to the area next summer; she reminds him that she'll be fourteen then, and he responds, "I know," while grinning lecherously.


Claudia (Tricia Joe) is forced to take biology in summer school. She needs to pass, or she'll have to quit the Baby-sitters Club. After initially failing to meet her promise to help Claudia study, Kristy leads the other sitters and several campers in a rap about the human body; Claudia recalls the song during her final exam and passes with a B-.


Dawn (Larisa Oleynik) and Mary Anne's next-door neighbor Ellen Haberman (Ellen Burstyn) is extremely disapproving of the camp being held next to her house. She suffers the unintended aftermath of a series of pranks, and her garden is destroyed when some of the campers pick the flowers there. Dawn offers her some of Dawn's own plants to try to make up for it, and Mrs. Haberman reluctantly begins to like her and agrees to let the camp continue.

Mary Anne

Cokie Mason (Marla Sokoloff) continues her campaign to steal Mary Anne's boyfriend Logan (Austin O'Brien). Logan does not exactly brush Cokie off, especially when she presents fifth-row tickets to a Smashing Pumpkins concert. He doesn't go, though, and assures Mary Anne that she's the one for him.

Other plot threads

  • The girls and their campers discover an old greenhouse in the woods, and find out that if they clean and fix it up, they could use it for their own office. They manage to get the job done, but then decide to give it to Mrs. Haberman instead.
  • Alan Gray (Aaron Michael Metchik) has a crush on Dawn, which he expresses by bothering her all summer. When he finally shows her his true feelings, she's receptive.
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