Stacey and the Missing Ring

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Stacey and the Missing Ring
Author Ellen Miles
Series Mystery
Tagline Stacey has to find that ring - or business is over for the Baby-Sitters Club!
Number of Pages 145
Date Published August 1991
Number in Series M1

Stacey and the Missing Ring is the first book of the Baby-sitters Club Mystery Series.


Plot synopsis


Stacey decides she wants a diamond ring because it's her birthstone. When the club's eccentric new clients, The Gardellas, accuse her of stealing Mrs. Gardella's diamond ring, Stacey worries that her friends and family may not trust her anymore.



  • Stacey


The Gardellas' cat, Mouse, likes to squirrel away treasures such as tinfoil balls in hiding places around the house. Stacey finds the ring in one of Mouse's hiding places; the cat had knocked the ring off the dresser and hidden it.

Other plot information

Mary Anne and Claudia sit for the Prezziosos, and Jessi sits for her sister and brother.

Clients in this book

Other characters

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  • This book was translated in French by Héritages Jeunesse and its title is "Sophie et La Bague Disparue."

Pop culture references

Gone with the Wind

The Baby-sitters Club
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