Stacey's Emergency

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Stacey's Emergency
Author Ann M. Martin
Series Regular
Tagline Stacey just can't win
Number of Pages 139
Date Published April 1991
Number in Series 43

Stacey's Emergency is the forty-third book in the Baby-sitters Club series.


Plot synopsis

Main plot

Stacey's diabetes has been difficult to control lately. Between dealing with the bickering between her divorced parents, and trying to get everything done when she's feeling lousy, Stacey's been feeling depressed. She cheats on her diet with chocolate and candy to make herself feel better, but instead she becomes very sick and is hospitalized while visiting her father in New York City.

Stacey is in the hospital for awhile as doctors struggle to regain control of her disease. The BSC comes to visit twice and brings cards and gifts from their sitting charges. Her parents spend lots of time with her but can't get along when they're both in the same room. Stacey eventually accepts that they can't be around each other. She finally gets better and returns to Stoneybrook.

Secondary plot

Charlotte Johanssen is very upset when she hears Stacey is hospitalized. She becomes a hypochondriac, insisting that she has a new disease or condition every few minutes. She's miraculously cured of all her symptoms when she hears Stacey will be returning home.

Other plot information

Before getting sick, Stacey sits for Charlotte and Becca Ramsey at the Johanssens' house; the girls make fudge while pretending to be Martians.

Clients in this book

Other characters

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Things in this book

Notable fashion


  • This book was translated in French under the title "Une urgence pour Sophie" by Héritages Jeunesse
  • This book was originally titled "Stacey's Revenge" but was changed before publishing.

Back Cover

Lately, the pressure's really been on Stacey. She hasn't been feeling well. Her schoolwork and baby-sitting jobs are almost out of control. And Stacey's tired of being in the middle of her parents' fights.

Then it happens: Stacey ends up in the hospital because of her diabetes.

The Baby-sitters are so worried. So is Stacey. Why does she always have it so hard?

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