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Relationship to BSC Claudia's counselor
Appears in SS2
Occupation Camp counselor
Employer Camp Mohawk
Traits Jovial

Meghan is Claudia's counselor in Cabin 9-A at Camp Mohawk. When campers and CITs are being assigned to their cabins, Claudia is able to pick Meghan out from the group because Meghan is the tallest one there. Meghan gets her group to laugh by saying they should introduce themselves, even though they'll all forget each other's names, and then by saying the next part was the most complicated--getting everyone's luggage to the cabin. Upon reaching the cabin, she declares, "Home disgusting home," which causes Vanessa Pike to giggle.SS2 She has everyone unpack and suggests the luggage go into the cabin's sole closet to keep the cabin neater.

When several boy CITs come to their cabin to talk about CIT movie night, and Claudia is distracted by Will Yamakawa, Meghan is the one to remind Claudia that the boys asked her and Sally Troner to spread the news to the other girls' cabins. At that point in time, Claudia doesn't know Will's name, only that he's cute; Claudia discovers it later while Meghan is on her break and the campers are supposed to be writing letters home, but instead have turned into sleuths.

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