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Baby-sitters Club  character
Abigail Stevenson
From the cover of Abby's Book
Full Name Abigail Stevenson
Title Alternate Officer
Age 13
Birthday October 15
School Stoneybrook Middle School
Grade 8
Joins In #89, Kristy and the Dirty Diapers
Leaves In Everything Changes
Family The Stevensons
Traits Bold, jokey, athletic, asthmatic

Abby Stevenson is the last sitter to join the BSC, and replaces Dawn Schafer after Dawn moves to California permanently. Abby is Jewish and has a twin sister, Anna Stevenson.



Abby has curly dark hair, dark brown eyes, and "even, slightly pointy features," according to 122. She prefers contact lenses to glasses. Her glasses frames are different from Anna's. In SM4, her complexion is described as "olive."


Abby and Anna live with their mother. Their father was killed in a car accident (which Abby describes as her "scariest moment" in 109) a few years before they moved to Stoneybrook from Old Woodbury, Long Island, New York. Their mother commutes daily via train from Stoneybrook to her job in New York City; Abby doesn't see her as often as she'd like.

In elementary school, Anna begins wearing her curly hair cut short so that the twins can be differentiated (as described in Abby's Book). However, Abby cuts her own hair short in 104 in an attempt to comfort her sister during her treatment for scoliosis. (Abby's own spine has a curve of about 14 degrees, which isn't severe enough to require treatment.)


Abby is indepedent and has a wild sense of humor.

Social Life

Dresses up as a soccer player for the Halloween Dance in Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout. She leaves the BSC in Everything Changes, although she remains friends with the club members.


  • In 122, Abby submits a poem she wrote about playing soccer to the SMS literary magazine.
  • Abby has a collection of baseball cards, collected because of her appreciation for the players and not for their financial value. However, her most valuable card (both in sentiment and in resale value) is a 1977 Reggie Jackson card given to her by her father.
  • One of her former teammates back in Long Island was Maggie Sweeney.
  • Prefers comfortable costumes for Halloween.
  • Abby reads the sports pages of the newspaper every day.

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