Stacey's Broken Heart

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Stacey's Broken Heart
Series Regular
Date Published August 1996
Number in Series 99

Stacey's Broken Heart is the 99th book in the Baby-Sitters Club series.


Plot synopsis

Main plot

Stacey's a bit upset when she sees her boyfriend Robert Brewster talking a bit too flirtatiously with Andi Gentile. Then she gets a call from the Walkers, who ask her to come baby-sit for them in New York City for a week while they prepare for a big art show. As she prepares for the trip, she realizes she momentarily doesn't feel too awful about leaving Robert for a week, and wonders what that means. She goes to find him at SMS, where she thought he was playing basketball with his friends, but they say that Robert told them he had other plans--apparently not with Stacey.

The next day, Robert tells Stacey he was playing at the Stoneybrook Community Center with Marty Bukowski, but his story doesn't quite match up. At the BSC meeting, Emily Bernstein calls and tells Stacey that she saw Robert at the Casa Grande restaurant at Washington Mall, eating lunch with a girl with long dark hair (like Andi's). Stacey is very disturbed by Robert's lie, and enlists Claudia to help her spy on him to figure out the truth before she leaves.

That Friday morning, Stacey finds out from Robert's mother that Robert is back at the mall, and she and Claudia take the bus there. They see Robert going into Cinema World with Pete Black, and then see two other teenage girls buying tickets to an action movie called Hang Tough. Stacey and Claudia enter the Hang Tough theatre and see the girls have met two guys, whom they assume are Pete and Robert until Claudia realizes that Pete's new longer hairstyle doesn't match the boy they're looking at. They leave, just in time to see Pete and Robert exiting the auditorium showing a Julie Talbert romance. All four of them are confused, but they get past it and go have lunch at Friendly's together. Afterward, Stacey asks if Robert wants to play tennis later, but Robert says that he and Pete are going to play baseball with Pete's cousins in Lawrenceville.

The next morning, Robert brings Stacey flowers and comes with her and Mrs. McGill to the train station to see Stacey off. As she leaves, Stacey is saddened by all the confusion that's entered her relationship with Robert. While in New York, she confides in her father that she thinks Robert's been acting strangely, and he encourages her not to date so seriously when she's only thirteen years old. She gets annoyed and insists that she and Robert are perfectly happy.

Stacey goes to sit for the Walkers and has a great time. While there, she meets Ethan, a fifteen-year-old who's helping with the art show but stops to play with Henry and Grace Walker. Stacey likes Ethan a lot. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Ethan spends a lot of time with her and the kids, coming with them to the Museum of Natural History and skating in Central Park.

On Wednesday, Stacey and Claudia talk on the phone, and Claudia tells Stacey that Robert is definitely seeing Andi. Emily saw them at Casa Grande again, Mallory and Jessi saw them playing tennis, and Claudia saw him kiss her in downtown Stoneybrook. Stacey is very upset and cries after she hangs up. After going to dinner with her father and Samantha, she tries to call Robert but hangs up when he answers.

On Thursday, Ethan, Stacey and the kids go on a ferry tour around Manhattan and then to a planetarium. Ethan asks what's bothering Stacey, but she doesn't want to talk about it. They talk about the Walkers' show, and Ethan says that he hopes it's so good it makes Stacey want to move back to the city. That night, her father takes Stacey to a Broadway musical to cheer her up.

The art show on Friday night is perfect. After Henry and Grace fall asleep in a back office, Ethan and Stacey walk around the show together and have a wonderful time.

As she prepares to go home Sunday morning, Stacey imagines that Robert will have broken up with Andi by the time she arrives, and then realizes that the thought disappoints her. She likes the idea of being able to see more of Ethan if she wants to. At breakfast, she admits to her father that he was right about her and Robert. She stops at the Walkers to say good-bye, and exchanges phone numbers with Ethan, who says he'd like to see her when she's back in town.

When Stacey gets back to Stoneybrook, Andi comes to her house to confess what's been going on, but Stacey says she already knows and doesn't hate Andi. After she leaves, Robert comes over. Stacey's furious about Robert's lying to her, but says she hopes they can be friends "after awhile." He leaves, and Stacey realizes that she'll be okay in the end.

Secondary plot

Kristy is annoyed that Stacey's leaving town for a week at the same time that Kristy will be in Hawaii with her family. She's not sure that Alternate Officer Abby is up to filling in for both jobs. She's even less confident after Abby announces that as president, she'll be relaxing the rules about punctuality and the club notebook, and cutting dues to every other week.

Abby decides that while she's president, she wants the BSC to hold a Mexican festival as a fundraiser for an orphanage in Mexico that her sister Anna is involved with. She immediately organizes a meeting of several sitters and charges at the Schafers' barn to make pinatas, but things get chaotic and Marnie Barrett is temporarily lost. Claudia and Mary Anne think to themselves that Kristy would probably have insisted on more sitters to watch so many kids.

They have another meeting to make signs for the festival. Abby's planning is very disorganized, and she doesn't even know yet where the festival will be held. The kids don't get enough guidance in their sign-making, and the signs that are produced look horrible and are barely legible. The other sitters know Kristy wouldn't let them put up signs like that, but they go ahead and post them around the neighborhood anyway. That night Abby calls Mallory and says that Abby's mother and sister told her the signs look terrible and need to be taken down; when she finds that Mallory agrees, she scolds Mallory for not saying anything. Abby's poor planning continues for the rest of the week; she even keeps asking the other sitters to chip in money for supplies.

On the day of the festival, people start arriving long before everything is ready. Abby panics, but the other sitters begin "thinking like Kristy." They call other people to come over and help, and set up temporary activities to keep people entertained until the festival is ready. It ends up being a huge success, but Abby has to admit to herself that she didn't do a very good job and could learn a lot from Kristy's style and abilities.

Other plot information

Clients in this book

Other characters

Places in this book

Things in this book

  • Marvel in the Mist (computer game)
  • The Mouse that Roared
  • Devil Dogs
  • Party Crafts (book)
  • 911
  • Hang Tough (movie)
  • Brad Wallace (actor)
  • Julie Talbert (actress)
  • Kid-Kit
  • Rollerblades
  • Pogs

Notable fashion

Claudia: "an oversized purple top over turquoise leggings...with fabric paints she'd painted a beautiful unicorn on the top and then decorated the leggings with designs in the same colors...from her ears dangled earrings she'd made of papier-mache in shape of unicorn heads" (p. 24-5).

Sheila MacGregor: to play tennis, she wore a "tight purple unitard that showed off her perfect figure" (p. 5).

Stacey: "khaki-green Bermuda shorts and a yellow cotton shirt with purple violets on it" (35).


  • Stacey and Robert break up; Robert starts seeing Andi Gentile.
  • Stacey meets Ethan for the first time.
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